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Monkey prints.

Visit for some
great, colorful monkey prints.
Monkey art is fun!


Handmade sock monkeys for sale
by fresh arts!! The proceeds
from the sock monkey sales
go towards funding sock monkey
workshops and craft and fine arts
workshops and exhibitions for NYC
artists with special needs.

Monkey lunchbox.

Carry your lunch around
proudly in this cool
retro metal sock monkey
lunchbox. Lunch never
tasted so good!.
monkey lunchbox

Sockmonkey drawer.

You will find wildly unique
sock monkeys here, but
hurry before they are
sold out!

Sock monkey portraits.

See the beautiful and touching
sock monkey portraits when you
view Thomas' monkey series at:

Monkey Moments.

This is the place
to get greeting cards
with sock monkeys on them.

Monkey Art.

Beautiful, poetic, and colorful
sock monkey art.


Monkey Gang.

Check this site for great handmade
sock monkeys. Every Monkey is
handcrafted with loving care in
Norfolk in the UK. What bright and
colorful monkeys!

Sock Monkey Central.

Have fun at Sock Monkey
Central! This site has a variety
of good links.
Nice site!
sock monkey central

A bit of history and fun in Rockford.

Rockford Illinois is the original home of the sock monkey
as the seamless sock knitting machine was
invented there, including the red heel sock.

John Nelson, inventor of the seamless sock
knitting machine also received a patent for the
sock monkey doll in 1955.

Midway Village Museum has an exhibit devoted to the
invention of the seamless sock knitting machine,
as well as the evolution of the sock monkey
entitled: "The Missing Link: Socks, Monkeys
and Rockford's Industrial past."

Last year they held the first-ever Sock Monkey
Madness Festival, a 2-day event for families and
collectors alike, featuring many activities, authors,
and vendors. This year's festival will be April 8th
& 9th, preceded by a 1950s Sock Hop & Auction
fundraiser, benefiting Midway Village & Museum
Center's educational programs.


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